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Location: Germany + Poland

We provide logistics services to online retailers in Europe:
Amazon FBA prep, processing FBA removal orders, forwarding to Fulfillment Centers -
both FBA and Vendor shipments - in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Additional services include kitting, returns processing. Warehousing options available.



To provide an A-to-Z
e-commerce logistics solution that would complete
Amazon fulfillment network
in the European Union.


Amazon SPN Partner

FLEX. is an official logistics partner of Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) for FBA preparation and pre-Amazon storage in the EU.
Our qualified team of logistics processionals can help your business grow and benefit from Amazon fulfillment network in the European Union.

We carefully choose our warehouse locations close to sea and rail container terminals, cargo airports and highways, to make sure we are able to receive your shipments without delays and forward them to Amazon fulfillment centers in a cost efficient way.


Location is a key to
e-commerce logistics success.


From import customs clearance to processing Amazon removal orders.
From FBA prep to shipping FTLs with up to 33 pallets to Amazon fulfillment centers in Europe.
We got you covered with your e-commerce logistics needs!

FLEX. Logistik Germany

One e-commerce 3PL, three warehouse locations: Poland and Germany. With warehouses in Poland and Germany (and more locations coming) we provide a comprehensive logistic solution for businesses that sell online on Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, Otto, Bol (and several other e-commerce maketplaces) in the EU or plan to enter the third e-commerce market in the world.

FLEX. Logistics

E-commerce logistics provider for online retailers. Location: Poland, in the center of Europe. FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels.

FBA Prep Poland

End-to-end logistics for Amazon sellers in the Eastern Europe. No 1 alternative in the Eastern European Union (EU). For all e-commerce sellers who ship their inventory to Fulfillment Centers in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

FBA Prep Germany

Amazon FBA preparation service in Germany for all e-commerce sellers who ship their inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

FLEX. Fulfillment

A fulfillment company. Order fulfillment services for online retailers. No cost on-boarding. FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels. Let’s succeed together!


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Flexible, tailored solutions are the answer to probably the most competitive market in the world - a global e-commerce marketplace.
FLEX. will guide you though the challenges of e-commerce logistics when selling online in the European Union: Amazon, Cdiscount, BOL, Otto, Rakuten and several others.


We share our e-commerce logistics experience with our clients.

What are the storage fees?

Standard storage fee per month starts at 10 EUR for pallet location. Please contact us for a quote.

Where is FLEX. located?

FLEX. warehouses are located in Germany and Poland - in the center of Europe which allow us to optimize shipping costs even better. Working with FLEX. will help you stay ahead of the competition by shipping your products to Fulfillment Centers in the European Union faster and cheaper.

To which countries can you forward my FBA shipment?

FLEX. can forward your shipment to any Fulfillment Center in the European Union - in France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and especially - to FCs in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

How can I track my shipments?

FLEX. will provide you with a tracking number which shows live status of your shipment online.

Who will deliver my shipment to Amazon FCs?

We partner with several shipping providers accross Europe, which deliver shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers on your behalf.

What are the duties and import taxes?

Duties and import VAT tax are levied on goods purchased abroad (outside the European Union). Value added taxes (VAT) are usually levied in the country where the purchased goods are crossing the EU border. Duties and taxes are calculated in the customs declaration and then settled with the customs office in order to release the goods for free circulation.

What is the minimum we accept?

One inbound EURO pallet a month is expected by not required to keep the account open.

Where can I find pricing information?

Our pricing varies based on your individual profile. Please use our contact form to get in touch with FLEX. directly. We are happy to provide you with more information upon your request based on provided data: cargo volume, type of products, shipment destination.

How can I become a FLEX. Logistics customer?

Great to hear that you are interested in our services. We are happy to receive your request - visit use a contact form to get in touch with FLEX.

Do you require certain and regular storage volumes?

There is no minimum volume requirements to use our warehousing options. We are able to customize pricing around your volume. Please feel free to contact FLEX. directly.

Why is customs holding my shipment?

All import shipments from outside the European Union must be custom cleared. Customs clearance processing times differ and cannot be influenced by FLEX. The possible reasons for customs hold could be one of the following: duties & taxes due, prohibited or dangerous goods, additional paperwork needed. FLEX. works with local customs agents for customs clearance.

How long will a forwarding to Amazon take?

It usually takes 3-5 days for a courier company to deliver the cargo from our warehouse to any Fulfillment Center in Europe.

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